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Public Notice About MRLED’s Sufficient Productivity and Stock

2020-03-16 1416

Dear customers,

   MRLED, as a holding subsidiary of the state-owned listed company Fujian Furi Electronics Co.,LTD (stock code 600203,referred to as Furi Electronics),has been approved to resume work and production on Feb Feb. 12th,2020,and the production and supply capacity got back to normal status quickly.


  In order to achieve the strategic goal of the year 2020, and before Spring Festival holiday, MRLED had prepared sufficient stock for indoor&outdoor rental and fix-installation products by its domestic Huizhou factory, subsidiaries in the Netherlands and U.S.A. Therefore, compared with many other LED screen companies that the resumption of work and production is delayed due to the coronavirus impact , MRLED has already well prepared to suffer much less impact in business.


  In all, MRLED meets fully market demands in terms of production capacity, product quality, sufficient supply, and product diversity.

Welcome new and old clients all over the world to send inquiries and have a purchase!

Thank you !

MRLED International Sales Department
March 12th,2020


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