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MR LED was founded in 2006, growing to be one of the Top 5 LED Display Providers in China.

MR LED 62,000 SQM factory base in Huizhou city, with over 400 workers . Headquarter office in Shenzhen, with 110 staff ;

All the raw materials to MRLED are arranged to testing area,in order to ensure the quality of materials are reliable,all materials detail lists ,quality documents ,and R&D approval document muste be strictly checked.The goods is produced by imported fully automatic production equipments,which signally increases the production efficiency and product quality,and greatly reduces quality failure rate caused by manual DIP insert production.MRLED is stri following quality management system ISO9001:2008 to make the productions and guarantee that all products are reblable

SMT Workshop for SMD products

We have brand new Japanese famous Panasonic and Juki SMT lines, and specially high accuracy SMT lines for fine pixels.

We totally have 12 SMT lines. Each line consists of

  • 1

    Automatic PCB uploading machine

  • 2

    Automatic solder paste printing machine

  • 3

    Automatic 3D SPI (solder paste inspection) machine,

  • 4

    High-speed surface mounting machine

  • 5

    Back- reflow soldering machine

  • 6

    AOI (Automatic optical inspection)optical tester

The monthly productivity of this workshop is above 500,000,000 dots.

It’s professional and reliable production lines with high speed, full automatic, high accuracy, high consistency.

Air Shower

Aging workshop

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