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Exhibition News | The first Chengdu Infocomm exhibition came to a perfect ending

2018-09-18 1728

The first Chengdu International Audio-Visual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition (2018 InfoComm Chengdu) came to a successful end on September 7th at the International Exhibition Center of Western China International Expo City for a period of three days.

  As a well-known brand in the global LED display industry, many clients attracted by the high-definition small-pitch UTV series products and high-end rental RS series products, they came to MRLED exhibition to inquires and experienced the led screen by themselves.The sales elites and technical engineers of MRLED have always provided detailed product introductions and professional solutions for each customer with full enthusiasm and positive attitude,and won the praise of the on-site customers.

  As a well-known brand in the global LED display field, MRLED has spared no effort to expand domestic and foreign markets in recent years. In 2016, the US branch and the European branch were established, which played a vital role in providing better and faster service to overseas customers.

  The first Chengdu Infocomm China had came to a successful end. However, MRLED will always stick to the field of LED display, persistent exploration and innovation. we believe that MRLED will definitely become more powerful and stronger in the future. 

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