FS-Q Series

F05S-Q/ F06S-Q /F08S-Q /FS10S-Q
Third Generation Outdoor Fixed Display


Product Appearance
Outdoor Fixed Display
Modular design

Independennt module and power box, quick replacement for module, power supply and Receiving card,Signal & power cable integrated, good for waterproof and maintainance.

Outdoor Fixed Display
LED Module Appearance

he Module integrating power signal cable, make the splice more convenient.

Outdoor Fixed Display
Die cast aluminum cover,With spring on module lock

Die cast aluminum cover, better in accuracy, stability and heat dissipation With spring on module lock, can adjust 1.2~2.0mm gap between module to cabinet frame. Ensure the flatness and safety of the screen

Outdoor Fixed Display
Power supply

Full front & rear service make it easier for maintenance and operation。Module can be replaced within 10S will solve problem quickly even for large-format screen

Light & thin cabinet, cost saving

35kg/cabinet, 104.5mm thickness, save costs in delivery and installation

Product Installation

Can be mounted onto wall directly, no need space in the back of led screen for maintainance

Waterprrof, Anti-UV and aseismic design

New generation FS-Q adopt full waterproof design in leds, module, cover, power box and cables, IP67 of module. Using high quality material with strong anti-uv function, quite meet any outdoor evironment application.

Market Positioning

Supermarket,Billboard, Theme Park, Airport& Station, traffic information and Stadium ETC

Model F05S-Q F06S-Q F08S-Q F10S-Q
Pixel Pitch(mm) 5.712 6.667 8 10.66
Brightness(nits) 6000 6000 6000 6000
Refresh Rate(hz) 3840 3840 3840 3840
Cabinet Size(mm) 960×960×98
Cabinet weight(kg) 35
Power Comsumption(Max/Aver)w/㎡ 700/210 700/210 700/210 700/210
Pixel Density (Pixels/㎡) 28224 20736 14400 8100
IP Rating(front/back) IP67/IP65 IP67/IP65 IP67/IP65 IP67/IP65
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Projects case

FS-Q Front installation tool

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