AIO Series

MRLED AIO conference screen is Leading the conference room int


AIO Series advantages
  • The conference of Remote audio and video

  • Multi-source projection and Split screen display

  • Simple remote control

  • Display terminal wireless projection and cutting source

  • One button matching screen

  • Support online office software

Full screen standard 2K , 4K resolution

Wall mounted installation , no exposed wires on the back,HDMI single input cable,present wonderful 2K/4K  images

Stereo sound effect and HD horizon

The AIO conference screen has built-in speakers. let your every pronunciation, audio and video content Can be clearly and stereoscopically communicated to the participants, making the meeting collaboration scene more stereoscopic and real And relax.

Faster and flexible installation

Support wall hanging,Mobile bracket installation,Fast Installation for 2 Hours

Touch screen,writing smoothly

0.02S quickly response ±0.3mm Writing accuracy

One-button matching screen

greatly simplifies the installation and debugging process, and also realizes online upgrade and diagnosis which let users feel more convenient and smarter experience.

Multi-style size ,Multi-field application

AIO conference screens have created a variety of products with different sizes to meet the needs of different users

Medical consultationEducation and trainingIndustrial design

MRLED AIO conference screen are Mainly for commercial meetings, government, design, medical, education and other industries, supporting large-scale, fine grayscale technology

Multi-screen interaction and Wireless screen

AIO conference screen could real-time to share the content with computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. To achieve multiple devices could share the recource

Model AIO108 AIO135 AIO162
Brightness(nits) 0-1200 0-1200 0-1200
Refresh Rate(hz) 1920/3840 1920/3840 1920/3840
Machine Power(Max/Aver.)w 3000/1000 3000/1000 3000/1000
Machine weight(kg) 110.5 169 240.5
Machine Size (mm) 2400*1350 3000*168.75 3600*2026
View angle 170° 170° 170°
Input A/c(voltage) 100-240 100-240 100-240
Control Distance LVDS input,3*HDMI ,8*1G network port output,2*USB input ,WIFI,infrared remote control ,blue tooth
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Projects case

Machined parts-Base support corner fastener

Machined parts-Base support corner fastener(4pcs)

Screw M5 x 16(112pcs)

S6 spanner for M8 screw

M8*40 inner hexagon screw 8pcs For locking bottom beam stainless steel ,nutural color

M8*20 inner hexagon screw 12pcs(For locking the wheels Stainless steel plated with zinc)

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