RVO Series



Fulll Front maintenance

Any module can be magnetically moved from the front,which is more faster and more convenient to maintain。The maintenance speed is more than 5 times higher than the traditional products which greatly shortens the maintenance time for customers。

Meet the requirement of floor tile strength

Keep the same height between the four corners of the cabinet and the middle of the power box,guarantee the force of five points,meet the requirement of floor tile strength

Cabinet shape is consecutive of four directions,satisfy the aesthetic feeling after screen splicing
Anti-skid handle:Anti-skid design of the handle makes carrying cabinets safer
Inner outer Arc lock and straight lock difference

Curved version and flat version cabinet optional, meet with varity demands from clients

Perfect plicling make the best viewing effect

Independent Modularized design One modding with ±0.1mm machining accuracy make sure easy seamless spillcing

Dance Floor Screen

Ricorous structure design allows Volador Series to meet the needs of the ground flatness on event,and also can splice a large area dance floor screen directly

Mixed splicing

500*500 and 500*1000 cabinet can be directly spliced .Each cabinet can be fully utilized at the event site ,cable connection interoperating and consistent effect showing.

Anti-collision measures

Protect module screen from collision,convenient for screen splicing and alignment

Waterproof rating IP65

The front and back of the cabinet are completely waterproof which is ultra reliable in all weather conditions

Dance Party, Exhibition ,Meeting,Conference,Show,Deduction,Outdoor Advertising, Car Show,Shopping mall,Venue
Model RVO2.6 RVO2.9 RVO3.9 RVO4.8 RVO5.95
Pixel Pitch(mm) 2.6 2.97 3.91 4.81 5.95
Brightness(nits)indoor 800-1000 800-1000 800-1200 800-1200 --
Brightness(nits)outdoor -- -- 3000-5000 3000-5000 3000-5000
Refresh Rate(hz) 1920/3840 1920/3840 1920/3840 1920/3840 1920/3840
Cabinet Size(mm) 500*500*75
Cabinet weight(kg) 7.9
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Power Comsumption(Max/Aver.)w/㎡ Indoor 436/144 436/144 436/144 436/144 --
Power Comsumption(Max/Aver.)w/㎡ Outdoor -- 480/160 480/160 480/160 480/160
Input A/c(voltage) 100-240
Signal type DVI、HDMI、SDI、DP、CVBS、VGA、etc
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Projects case

Stacking /Hanging bar

Stacking /Hanging bar

Stacking /Hanging bar

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