• Guarantee

    (1) We guarantee all our displays, modules, parts for two full year. During this time, we will replace or remend our goods for free if there is something wrong with them.

    (2) We will provide maintenance for a lifetime and charge for the raw materils only.

  • Technology Training

    (1)We provide the technology training for free, which contains the operation training and maintenance training in the factory.

    (2) We will send our engineers to your country by negotiation.

  • Maintenance and Consulation

    (1) We provide full maintenance for a lifetime and charge for the raw materials only.

    (2) We also provide lifetime consulation by E-mail, call, MSN or other ways for free.

  • Documents and Certification

    (1) We provide the operation manual, software, test report and so on.

    (2) We can also provide all kinds of certification such as CE, UL and so on.

  • CAD Drawing and Fixing

    (1) We provide CAD drawing on how to fix up the display for free and some other expert suggestion.

    (2) We will send our engineers to your place if we are expected after our negotiation.

  • Additional service

    We provide you the forwarding information, and some other information such as flight box, structure information for your reference for free.

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