video center
  • 30000
    MRLED owns its factory with around 30,000sqm area
  • 8000
    Monthly production capacity 8000 square meters
  • 800
    Factory with more than 800 employees

Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd (MRLED) is a subsidiary of state-owned listed company-- Fujian FURI Electronics Co.,Ltd,was established in April,2006 with registered capital 100 Million RMB(around 16 million USD). MRLED is a national-level high-new technology enterprise which specializes in designing,researching, manufacturing and selling all kinds of led displays.

After experiencing nine years’ development,nowadays MRLED owns its factory with around 30,000sqm area, 8000sqm monthly productivity and more than 800 employees. MRLED has the world first-class technology R&D talents, advanced production equipment, comprehensively standardized management and product technology . In the domestic markets, quality is at the forefront among the similar products from different suppliers,also enjoys a very good reputation in the global markets.

  • Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity Co., Ltd

  • RS Series

  • RVO Series-Rental Products

  • UHD Series

  • US Series

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